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The Tendi Security Founder and Group CEO Mr. Munyaradzi Gambe founded “Plant A Tree, Feed the Future” Foundation where the business is actively planting fruit trees in the cities in which the Group operates.

The Tendi Security Founder and Group CEO Mr. Munyaradzi Gambe founded “Plant A Tree, Feed the Future” Foundation where the business is actively planting fruit trees in the cities in which the Group operates. Target areas included but not limited to Post Offices (fenced), Govt enclaves/offices, schools, hospitals, clinics and public parks.

Plant A Tree, Feed the Future is an initiative that was born out of pure passion to see poverty alleviation in Africa starting with cities in which Tendi Security Group operates in which are currently Gaborone, Harare, Lusaka and Johannesburg with plans to expand this to other African countries the Group grows into. Our objective is to plant fruit trees in African countries giving preference to indigenous fruit trees followed by exotic trees in government enclave areas, hospitals, public postal offices, schools (both primary and secondary), universities etc. As part of the CSR Network Africa, we foresee this dream as one of the best ways we as Thendi Security Group can give back to the livelihoods of the future generations to come.

The aim is to help alleviate poverty in the coming years by availing simple fruit to the masses, either it’s a school kid walking to school or a guard manning the property, they can easily pick and eat fruit in season.

This is how in a small way we aim to change Africa for the better and make it as comfortable as possible to simply live in Africa. Now imagine fruit trees everywhere that are easily accessible to a security guard walking or cycling to work, a school child walking to and from school or simply a tourist who’s visiting an African city. That’s our motivation, to feed the future that we do not see yet!

Economic Diversification Drive

The Tendi Security Group believes in the economic empowerment of women and the less marginalized members within its communities. For this reason, the Group’s policy on hiring and recruitment gives preference to single mothers, widowed mothers in positions that are well suited for them to be able to work and still take care and raise their children. This is further extended to the hiring of temporary general hands within the communities where the company has ongoing projects instead of exporting hired labor from respective In-Country Office.

The Group’s policy on economic diversification also actively gives preference to identifying women run locksmith outlets to actively assist them run their outlets better by making them distributors for TOKOZ products and actively teaching them on how they can contribute in providing peace of mind in their communities as part of the larger respective Security Associations.

The Group’s purchasing and procurement policy focuses on sourcing raw materials from the local communities and local in-country companies. From buying fruit trees for the CSI Drive from local nurseries to sourcing all products we use in our manufacturing processes from local traders.

The Group is driven by a passion to see a better future for Africa and to impact positively in providing peace of mind to the Nation through building a strong value chain within the African continent.


To Provide Peace of Mind to the Nation through Customized Security Solutions. When you think Tendi, think Peace of Mind


To be fully operational in 40 African countries by office presence and by sphere of influence of through strategic partnerships with existing companies in other African member States…..


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